Bugs fixed in V0.3-3

Here is a list of bugs fixed since the last release (V0.3-2):

Enhancements and workarounds

A number of enhancements and changes have been incorporated into this bug fix too:

Upgrading from Version 0.3-2

V0.3-3 should be plug-in compatible with V0.3-2 (i.e. no changes to your code are required), with following three exceptions:

  1. if you're running under JDK 1.0.2 then the current code won't work anymore. Sorry.
  2. if the application used timeouts and relied on the fact that these were disabled while reading the response body, then you must now run the application with
          java -DHTTPClient.dontTimeoutRespBody=true ...
  3. If your application used the URI class directly, then it will probably need updating. Specifically, replace all invocations of URI.getPath() with URI.getPathAndQuery(). Furthermore you may want to unescape the values returned by getPath(), getPathAndQuery(), etc, as the URI class now stores and returns all elements in the escaped form instead of their unescaped form.


Ronald Tschalär / 6. May 2001 /