Package HTTPClient

This package provides a complete http client library.


Interface Summary
AuthorizationHandler This is the interface that an Authorization handler must implement.
AuthorizationPrompter This is the interface that a username/password prompter must implement.
CookiePolicyHandler This is the interface that a cookie policy handler must implement.
FilenameMangler Codecs.mpFormDataDecode and Codecs.mpFormDataEncode may be handed an instance of a class which implements this interface in order to control names of the decoded files or the names sent in the encoded data.
HTTPClientModule This is the interface that a module must implement.
HTTPClientModuleConstants This interface defines the return codes that the handlers in modules may return.
RoRequest This interface represents the read-only interface of an http request.
RoResponse This interface represents read-only interface of an intermediate http response.

Class Summary
AuthorizationInfo Holds the information for an authorization response.
Codecs This class collects various encoders and decoders.
Cookie This class represents an http cookie as specified in Netscape's cookie spec; however, because not even Netscape follows their own spec, and because very few folks out there actually read specs but instead just look whether Netscape accepts their stuff, the Set-Cookie header field parser actually tries to follow what Netscape has implemented, instead of what the spec says.
Cookie2 This class represents an http cookie as specified in the HTTP State Management Mechanism spec (also known as a version 1 cookie).
CookieModule This module handles Netscape cookies (also called Version 0 cookies) and Version 1 cookies.
DefaultAuthHandler This class is the default authorization handler.
HTTPConnection This class implements http protocol requests; it contains most of HTTP/1.1 and ought to be unconditionally compliant.
HttpHeaderElement This class holds a description of an http header element.
HttpOutputStream This class provides an output stream for requests.
HTTPResponse This defines the http-response class returned by the requests.
HttpURLConnection This class is a wrapper around HTTPConnection providing the interface defined by and
Log This is a simple logger for the HTTPClient.
NVPair This class holds a Name/Value pair of strings.
Request This class represents an http request.
Response This class represents an intermediate response.
URI This class represents a generic URI, as defined in RFC-2396.
Util This class holds various utility methods.

Exception Summary
AuthSchemeNotImplException Signals that the handling of a authorization scheme is not implemented.
ModuleException Signals that an exception occured in a module.
ParseException Signals that something went wrong while parsing data.
ProtocolNotSuppException Signals that the protocol is not supported.
SocksException Signals that an error was received while trying to set up a connection with the Socks server.

Package HTTPClient Description

This package provides a complete http client library. For details see the accompanying documentation and the HTTPConnection class.