Instructions for the JXXX Compiler Service

The form contains fields where you can enter the files you want compiled, plus some helper files; use the "Browse..." buttons next to each field to select the files you want (one file per field). After entering the desired source-files, library-files etc in the input fields and clicking on Compile you will get a page containing the standard output from the compiler (if any) and a link to the output-file(s) (if created); each output-file is deleted after being accessed. The link AllClasses.tar.gz will return a gzip'd tar file containing all the output-files; similarly, will return a zip file containing all class-files. Furthermore if you provide an html file in the Display File field then this file will be used to display the applet(s) you've just compiled.

To view applets directly specify an html file in Display file. This file must contain at least the appropriate <APPLET >, <PARAM > and </APPLET> tags for each applet you want to view, and may contain anything else you wish too (so if you're preparing an applet for a specific page you can just use that page). The contents of the file will then be appended to the usual output generated by the scripts, with the CODEBASE attribute for each <APPLET > tag suitably munged.

For more information on what the various options do see the java compiler Reference Pages (note: not all listed options are supported by this service).

The "Library file" fields enable you to compile files which require additional libraries (packages) to the standard ones. In this field you can specify a jar or zip file containing all the necessary additional classes.


If your browser can run applets then all files you don't pick up will be automagically deleted when you leave the page; if however your browser can't/won't run applets then please always either access all the output files listed (or AllClasses.tar.gz/ or click on the Delete All Files link; otherwise the files don't get removed from our system.


Commonly encountered Problems

In Case of Problems

If you have any comments, suggestions, problems, bug-reports etc. please send me e-mail. When submitting a bug report please make sure you mention the browser and version you're using, the OS you're using and the exact output given by the compiler.

Feel free to contact me if you want to set up your own version of this page and would like the cgi-scripts.

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